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Hereby we would like to offer you detailed concept for supply of process equipment for restaurant brewery, the equipment offers variety of capacity, completion and execution.

Breweries of our production are currently supplied to restaurants and hotels where they make the entire brewing process to be visible for quests and clients as a part of show. Supplied process equipment and solutions enable production, dispensing and as an option distribution of high quality living beer.

The process is based on wort production via double-mashing decoction method, boiling of wort with hops, hopped wort cooling and its fermentation with brewing yeast. Annual capacity of breweries is determined in hectoliters of produced beer.

The above described process equipment produced and supplied by our company meets requirements of most exacting Customers who demand from technology the output of “Check, German” types of beer of different gravity (8%, 10%, 12% and types with higher gravities), lager beer, dark beer, special beer.

According to Customer’s demand we make peculiar design of brewery according to interior of your restaurant. We use wood, brass, copper, stainless steel, ornamental and natural stone and combination of all materials. Quality of beer is directly connected to quality of raw materials, that’s why we offer you direct connection to raw materials suppliers; also we recommend you to employ professional brew master from Check Republic. We perform training of your stuff and offer long-term monitoring of produced by you beer quality and report you our recommendations on the product quality increase.

Since our brief description of brewing process in restaurant brewery interests you we kindly ask you to consider our business offer and generic overview of beer production.

We conclude with old slogan of brew masters: “God grant you Happy!”



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